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To Tsipouradiko “Ektos sxediou kai o,ti prokupsei”

What is a Tsipouradiko and Tsipouro?

A Tsipouradiko is a place in Greece where you go to drink Tsipouro. Tsipouro is a very strong alcoholic drink, usually containing around 45% alcohol. It can be compared to moonshine in the United States, Grappa in Italy, and Palinka in Romania. Tsipouro is usually distilled twice but very strongly and produced from grapes.

Many Greeks will drink a shot glass of tsipouro (slowly) when feeling like they are getting sick.  They say that doing this will kill the bacteria and will potentially help you evade the sickness.  We also have a drink called “rako melo” which is tsipouro and honey heated up.  It will really help with a sore throat or if you have congestion.

Greeks will come to these traditional places to enjoy a tsipouro and a meze. A meze is a variety of small dishes, sort of like an appetizer.


A very unique place

To Tsipouradiko “Ektos sxediou kai o,ti prokupsei” is in Corfu Town by the Old Port. The name means The Tsipouradiko “Out of the plan and whatever arises”. It is a very popular place with the locals all year round and is also gaining popularity with the tourists now.

In the summer, you will sit with the fresh air and birds chirping. There are also plants and trees around so you don’t feel like you are in a typical city.


The food is amazing and authentic. They have 100s of reviews all over the internet with an average score of 4.7 out of 5. You can enjoy all your traditional meze’s, whether that be saganaki, fried mushrooms, fried feta cheese, greek salad, calamari, fried peppers and eggplant, and more.


For drinks other than tsipouro there are your normal beverages such as soft drinks, wine, and beer.

If you are a beer fan I would definitely try Corfu Beer. The service is fast and polite. They always do their best to accommodate you properly.

If you are interested…

Find out the time of the sunset and a little bit before, go out to the street where you can see the sea. Unless it is horrible weather, you will witness one of the beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen from here.



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