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Vidos Island Corfu

Vidos Island is a small island with about 530 acres of fresh green nature. It is located right across from the old port, not even 2 km away. Vidos Island is full of history that goes back to ancient times. It has been owned by many different people and countries since as far back as we know.

Brief History

Agios Stefanos was the first church to be built on this beautiful on by the apostles of Corfu in 80 AD. Which is what the island used to be called, Agios Stefanos. After many years when the Venetians were in Control of Corfu, Vidos island was owned by a wealthy Italian. He eventually changed the name to Maliepiero Island (his last name). However, soon after he was gone and the Greeks switched the name to Vidos Island.

Many Serbians came to Corfu, finding refuge after being at war with Austria during the first world war. Unfortunately, many of them did not survive, eventually dying from different illnesses. In 1936, they built a Mausoleum for the fallen soldiers.

Soon after in 1918, Vidos became a prison, much like Alcatraz! Although, Vidos held prisoners during the war. It is said that there used to be a tunnel going from the old fortress all the way to the island.

If you are interested in reading more you can find a very descriptive article on Vido’s history here.

Is Vidos for you?

Vido Island just like Corfu is a place for nature lovers. There are plenty of trails to hike on this small little island if you get a little bored enjoying sunbathing on the beach! There are many caves you can also visit and wander around.

The water is crystal clear while the beaches are gorgeous. There is a boat that goes to Vidos island every hour. It only takes 10 minutes and costs 5 euros. Not many people know about Vidos island, but it is a great place to get away on your getaway!

There is only one restaurant on this island, but even being so, the prices are decent and the food is great! Fish fresh from the sea you swim in!

There are 3 beaches to choose from that will all let you relax while slowly darkening that skin!

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