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Village Life Studio


Village Life Studio is a 60 square meter studio.  It is located in the village of Marmaro, Corfu.  Marmaro is a very small village from the 15th century with about 100 inhabitants.  If you are looking for a village experience this is a quiet village where you can enjoy a coffee in the square with some of the locals.  The owners of the house are also very hospitable.  They always have a garden in back and always will welcome you with fresh fruits/vegetables from it.

The style of the house is a particular one.  It was designed by the son who lives there in the winter.  He is really into music particularlly reggae.  The owners will always be there if you need anything!


The studio is equipped with everything needed to live.


If you are interested in this studio please feel free to contact this number for more information.


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