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Dinner on the Beach Marriage Proposal

Your dream marriage proposal in Corfu

Are you planning on proposing in Corfu? Are you not sure what to do? Or maybe you have some ideas.  Well, not to worry, we can help!  We will work with you to give you a once in the lifetime marriage proposal, that you will be telling your friends and family about. I already have a blog that gives you recommendations and also an experience that we organize.  Marriage Proposal Hotspots in Corfu are our recommendations and Sunset Dinner on a Wild Beach is our unique experience. Definitely check these out!

This blog is on a recent marriage proposal that we organized.

Here is the full story!!

The set up

I was contacted by a young man in love.  He had decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this wonderful young woman and wanted to make the marriage proposal a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Anxious and not sure what to do, I proposed some options.

We came to an agreement and we were both excited to see the outcome and her face with the surprise!

I told him that we have to be a little flexible on the date because of the weather. Since the marriage proposal dinner would be on the beach with a boat tour.

I organized everything and now it was a day before the agreed-upon date and it was time to start setting things up.

We met at a place close to the beach and told her we would be going on a tour of Liapades to see nature, and some beaches and learn about the life of the locals.  I truly do this so it wasn’t hard for me.

As we get to Limni beach (the beach where the marriage proposal dinner will be taken place) he takes out his phone to videotape her reaction to the dinner setup.

A traditonal appetizer but a unique place

I took this very seriously because I know how important it is.  I made sure everything was perfectly arranged and set up.  After we arrived on the beach and she was astonished by what her boyfriend had done for her, I took some pictures and had them sit down.

I went and changed really quickly into some nice clothes to now be their server! I have some previous experience in this so it was also not a problem.  I turned on the music, which was Italian romantic music, and went up to them.

At around 18:20 I poured their drinks, which were water and white wine. I gave them a greek salad with fresh ingredients!  Then I became a photographer and took some pictures.  After I went and sat in a spot not to be seen by the special couple.  I also put a sign at the top of the entrance. “Marriage proposal in progress.  Please take a beer and go to the next beach 50 meters away.”  I put this here so the young couple would be able to have some alone time for this very special evening.

They continued talking, eating, drinking, and enjoying the beautiful view until around 19:20 when I had arranged for Captain Spiros to arrive with his boat to take them on a private boat trip to see the sunset!  He arrived right on time.
She was not aware of this and saw the boat coming towards the beach and smiled.

She understood it was for her.

So I went up to them and asked them if they would please come with me, Captain Spiros is waiting for them to take them on a boat trip.


Boat trip

They are picked up by Captain Spiros and off they go.  They go around the coast to visit other beaches in the area because believe me seeing Corfu from the sea is something else! Corfu is considered the greenest island in Corfu. The landscape, as it is makes it one of the most beautiful things.

As they go around the coast of the nearby beaches their next target is Kolovri.  Kolovri is a big rock in the sea that is rumored to be the ship of Odysseus frozen by Poseidon during his return back to Itaca!  Then all of a sudden they see 10-20 dolphins about 100 meters out in the sea! To see dolphins your first time on a boat trip in Corfu is very lucky!

Meanwhile, I am back at the beach setting up their dinner and lighting the candles/torches.  He plans to pop the question when they get back from the boat trip so I need to have everything ready!

They arrive back looking amazed.  They have huge smiles on their faces.  I asked how it went and they said it couldn’t have been better!  We all say thank you to Captain Spiros and watch him leave.



I give them time to sit back down and then moments later he stands up and takes her hand.  He talks to her, kisses her, drops down on one knee, pulls out the ring, and asks. Almost crying with tears of joy, she says yes! Not to mention, the perfect song is playing in the background.  Toffee by Vasco Rossi.  It is an Italian romantic love song.  As they sit back down I congratulate both of them and wish them all the best.


Romantic dinner on the beach in Corfu

With the sun having set, the candles on and around the table lit, and also the torches creating a great euphoric atmosphere.   I take the bowls off their plates that were keeping their dinner warm and explain to them what it is.  I gave the young woman mousaka and the guy pastitsio.  I filled their wine glasses and water and then went to go hide so they could enjoy this time alone.

Oh yeah… I took a few photos as well.

So in shock, she could barely eat.  She said that she really enjoyed it, but this whole night was such a surprise.


I took their dinner plates and came back in a couple of minutes with another surprise.  Dessert.  It was a cream pie with a layer on top.

They sat for a little and eventually got up wanting to leave because they had a long drive back to their hotel.

What a pleasure it was to meet them and also to have the opportunity to organize this for them.


More information

If you would like this experience or a similar one. Please contact me for more information. I am on Facebook, Instagram, whats app, Viber, telegram and signal. +306986953276

It doesn’t need to be a marriage proposal in Corfu.  It can be a special private dinner with friends or alone.  Just contact me and we will figure it out together




  • Yoni Chitiyat

    Hi there,

    I’m looking to propose to my girlfriend in corfu on the 5th August. My vision is to take her on a boat and propose in the sunset hours. I’d like to get some decorative elements and other nice touches to help make the moment really special (e.g flower arrangement, musician, balloons, signage and any other ideas).

    Was wondering if this is something you might be able to help with?

    Many thanks,


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