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Liapades Village Hike


Liapades is a very traditional village still to this day.  It is becoming more and more touristic every year but the good thing is there is the old village where the locals and some airbnbs are and then there is the tourism down closer to the beach.  This walk is in the old village.  It will take you all around to see old buildings and doors that have very Venetian architecture.

Get lost in the village of Liapades! I don’t supple a route for the village because it is nice just to explore!

To learn more about Liapades visit my blog Liapades-All you need to know

Support some local business owners

Aeolus boat rental is owned by a brother and sister that grew up in Liapades, Corfu.  Now, they both have children that they are growing up in this beautiful little village.  They are there on the beach every day to be there for you with whatever you need.  Support them by renting a boat and you won’t regret it because seeing Corfu from the sea is not like any other Greek island.  Corfu is the greenest and you will see with how many different shade of green there are.

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  • Carmen

    Hello good morning
    I loved your blog. It’s fantastic. A good design, clean and with good advice.
    We will be in Corfu for a few days in June. We are hesitating to go to Liapades or Kassiopi. We rented a car at the airport.
    can you help me?
    Excuse my English. I use a translator.
    Thank you so much

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