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Chalikounas Beach, Corfu

Windy, sandy and open.

That is how I would describe Chalikounas Beach in 3 words.

A very large beach. Chalikounas is located in southwest Corfu.  The golden sand and the open space make it a perfect spot to spend your afternoon and relax.  It is often windy here, so it is common to see kitesurfers and windsurfers!  There is even a kite surfing school if you want to test it out.

There are a couple of beach bars and places to rent out sunbeds so you won’t leave thirsty.  However, the beach is big so you might have to walk a little bit to reach one.

There is an amazing sunset, definitely wait at the beach bar to see it set! Many people also bring their tents and go camping.  A great idea to wake up and jump into the sea.  Just make sure to bring some bug spray!

Lake Korrision

Lake Korrision is right across from Chalikounas beach and Issos beach.  Nature is plentiful and you can come across a full ecosystem.  There are over 100 different types of birds that come and go all year round.  If you are lucky you will see flamingoes.  There are a few different types of fish in the lake.  Turtles, frogs, insects, butterflies have also taken refuge in this beautiful place.



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